About Us




Our History

HighSierra Translations (HST) was founded officially in 2008 and since then we have had the privilege of serving clients across various spheres of society.  Such spheres include the DOJ, transnational law firms, the insurance  industry, Immigration Courts (EOIR), criminal and civil cases, family court matters, business contracts,  international property disputes, worker's compensation, class action lawsuits, public opinion surveys, foster, adoption and kinship care. 

Our Translations

HighSierra Translation (HST) is a professional business that specializes in English to Spanish and Spanish to English written translations. We utilize a selective pool of certified translators/interpreters to meet the needs of our clients.  

Our Philosophy

HighSierra Translations uses a dynamic language approach.  Dynamic language means that we strive for and deliver 100% translation accuracy, insuring that the original meaning of the source language text is honored and reflected in the target language.  At the same time, the target language of the final document must be a fluid document, in which a native speaker would find that the text flows naturally.   


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